Bush's and Cheney's Lies


A reader makes an important point:

This graphic is very powerful, but an aspect of it needs to be stressed. These power-point slides are prepared for regular briefings for leadership in the Pentagon (this means Rumsfeld, Cambone, England and others) and NSC (Cheney, Bush, Rice). They know all this. So check this graph against the rhetoric that pours from their mouths (like Cheney's "they're doing remarkably well.") They have no respect for the truth and no respect for the voters. They lie to us continuously. 

What drives their prevarications is also increasingly transparent, namely domestic partisan politics. And that's despicable. It shows a contempt for the voters and a callous disregard for the health and safety of US forces in Iraq.  It's sickening. We have six days until we get to say something about this.

One reason to vote Democrat or abstain next week is that we have a president prepared to lie through his teeth about the central issue of our time. He is dishonoring his office and shirking his responsibility. In peacetime, this is disgrace enough. In wartime, it is unforgivable.