Blowing the Straw Men Away

After the elections, we have some hard reality to tackle. This Camus-inspired blogger gets it exactly right, I think:

[T]he recent election proved little to me other than that Americans tend to be centrist and materialist at the end of the day, and to correct any very strong swings in ideological directions ... I'm happiest that we'll now have divided government, because I think the majority opinions of the country - especially in the younger generations - are not reflected by the likes of Rick Santorum and others who seem to think less that Jesus' law should rule the land than that they bodily represent Jesus in much the way Jesus claimed to represent God.

But do I buy all of the 'new dawn' talk that's making the rounds in New York (and elsewhere, I'm sure)? Please. Have any of you heard Nancy Pelosi? This is not Voltaire, people. Some things are bound to improve, from a blue perspective, but I don't think our knottier global problems - many of them, gasp, not lovingly crafted by W. - are going anywhere. It will just be harder now to blame them on straw men. And that’s an improvement, too.

Amen. Your move, Mr president. But the Democrats now have to buy in. They have to take real responsibility for the war on Islamist terror for the first time. It'll do them good too.