Back To Daddy


Poppy was finally forced - once again - to rescue the wayward son. My take in the Sunday Times:

The events of last week in America have an almost Shakespearean quality to them. It’s like some ghastly conflation of Richard II's doom-laden 'Down, down, I come' and Richard III’s 'winter of our discontent'. Richard II is how Bush would like the world to see him — a king of noble motives brought low by injustice and fate. Richard III is ... well, ask Karl Rove, the hunch in W's back.

All of this is fascinating psychodrama, of course, and a humiliation for the dauphin. But it's also good news. It's a chance to leave behind the acrimony of the recent past and construct a new direction for Iraq and America. Poppy Bush can unite again with his son; Gates, Baker and Rice can try and put a realist finale to a neocon adventure; Democrats can unite again with Republicans ... oh, who am I kidding? I don't know what the future will bring. But if things look dark at the end of Act IV, there's always Act V to come.

(White House Photo.)