Another Liberal ...

... finds common ground:

I've been reading you long enough to know you are certainly not a liberal and there are many things over which you and I disagree. I look forward to the day when you and "liberals", as you've named them, can argue vigorously over some of the matters you've identified and others that will undoubtedly come to the fore.

Though these differences in opinion are serious, they are minor realtive to the current subjects that separate you, and many of the liberals who have discovered you, from today's Republican party in power (privacy, torture, religion in school/christianism, responsible gov't, fiscal accountability, and last but not least, competency in gov't affairs whether foreign or domestic based upon empirical analysis and accompanying policy adjustments).

But before we return to such disagreements and policy debates we must first save our country from the people who are hell-bent on ruining it.

Until that day ...