Another Conservative ...

... can't vote for this crew any more:

I am an upper middle class, stay at home wife and mother of 2. My husband is self employed and we are very aware of the great tax burden we are to carry.  All my life, I have believed in working hard, paying our own way and voting Republican ... but I just don't see how I can at this point in time.

Watching you on CNN was a great relief, because I finally saw someone saying what I have been feeling about President Bush (I voted for him). I get sick every time I hear the President or some other rabid Republican telling me what we must do in the name of security ... why we must win, whatever that means! I feel sick that I have no choice any more...this president and the leaders of the party now are on a track to nowhere and I am not aligned with the Democrats.  I feel lost as I listen to leaders hoping to hear someone speaking honestly and not finding it.

And one man who did once speak honestly, John McCain has knuckled under.