Anatrella, Haggard, Torquemada

A reader writes:

So the Vatican's chief hitman on gay issues turns out to be gay and we're supposed to be Torquemada_1 surprised. I don't think so. No matter how strong repression and self-denial may be, eventually nature will out. It's Mark Foley all over again, to the extent Anatrella can't stop obsessing and condemning that which he can neither change nor control in himself. And it is of course par for the course for the Roman Catholic church.

Tomas de Torcuemada, the notorious grand inquisitor who sent thousands of victims to the stake in 15th century Spain, was himself of some Jewish descent. It seems perfectly clear to me, that the social and internal  pressure he was under to prove himself as a true Catholic explains his relentless zeal in rooting out recent Jewish and Muslim converts, who were less than 100% sincere in their acceptance of Christianity. The mere fact that most of them had converted under the threat of either death or banishment only added to the lack of good faith on both sides. Monsignor Anatrella -- like Torquemada before him -- feels compelled to condemn and punish his own basic nature and if that requires him to exercise hypocrisy bordering on personality disorder, so be it. It's all very sad of course and equally predictable.

I should add that Anatrella has merely been accused of sexual abuse of a male client who came to him for psychiatric guidance on how to cure himself of homosexuality. The charge has not been proven.