An Evangelical on Haggard

From religious right blogger Ben Witherington:

"The culture of patriarchal Evangelical leadership involves a lot of power and isolation at the top. Too often it involves a cult of personality kind of scenario, with the "pastor-superstar" model, and the pastor put way up on a pedestal-- from which he is almost bound to fall. The isolation from normal accountability structures and peer correction leads to all sorts of abuses of power. It is quite simply too much power in too few hands. The minister begins to feel he is bullet-proof, can do no wrong. And if there is something not right in his personal relationships with his wife or family, then moral slippage tends to happen in various forms."

A patriarchal leader, isolated at the top, with a personality cult, and removed from normal accountability structures. The person "begins to feel he is bullet-proof, can do no wrong." Hmmm.

Here's what you are being asked to believe: Haggard never had sex and never used crystal meth. Bush never ordered torture. The insurgency is in its last throes. Michael Brown did a "heckuva job." And Rummy is doing a "fantastic job."

These people cannot self-correct. They'll lie and lie and lie to protect their psychic order. So they have to be corrected.

The election intervention is next Tuesday. Do them a favor, will you?