A YouTube Too Far?

A reader writes:

No doubt this President has made mistakes and that his administration should be held accountable on election day. I am not even voting for the Republican candidate in my state, because I am disgusted with Bush's reckless spending and mismanagement of Iraq. But the Freedom video is a disgrace. 

I don't even know where to start. On a day where Saddam Hussein received the death penalty through democracy and a fair trial, you totally ignore this major victory for Iraqis, yet post that garbage Freedom video instead. It shows a pregnant woman in her third trimester rubbing her baby and shouting "freedom."  What the hell is she saying? That it should be her right to decide whether she has this baby or not, even at that stage in pregnancy? ...  It also shows Bush kissing Joe Lieberman, as if to say that Joe Lieberman is responsible for all of Bush's mistakes. I am proud to say that I am a volunteer with the Lieberman campaign, and consider him one of the few honorable members of Congress. He isn't afraid to take a stand for something that he believes in, and does so without worrying about the political consequences. Have you turned on him as well? Would you rather Ned Lamont be elected?

Nope. I'm for Lieberman. I posted the video without comment, and I agree with the basic sentiment that we are fighting for freedom tomorrow. But I did find some of the clips distasteful and extreme. As readers know, I embed and link to things I do not agree with all the time.