A Happy Warrior


At 5.20 pm, I'll be on Albert Mohler's radio talk-show on the Salem Radio Network. Mohler is an intelligent fundamentalist; and I've always enjoyed our conversations in the past. No Hewitt, in other words. Then tonight, I'm debating Jerry Falwell on CNN's Situation Room in the 7 pm block; and on Anderson Cooper 360 at 10 pm. Tomorrow night, I'll be on PBS's Now newsmagazine show; and on Sunday morning, I'll be in my regular chair on the Chris Matthews show.

As marathon runners sometimes say, the race doesn't start until you can't breathe. But the stakes are high.

[Update: I've just been told Falwell will not now be debating me. No idea why. No idea either why Hannity won't debate me on conservatism or have me on his show. He's not chicken, is he?]