"Profoundly Disturbed"


That's one description of Dick Cheney's response to the firing of Donald Rumsfeld. Money quote from Evans-Novak:

"On the day after the election, Rumsfeld had seemed devastated - the familiar confident grin gone and his voice breaking. According to Bush Administration officials, only three or four people knew he would be fired - and Rumsfeld was not one of them."

I wonder if Cheney was one of them. I hope he wasn't. And I further hope his marginalization continues apace. Almost every decision Cheney has taken in the past six years has been disastrous for the country and his own administration. The weaker his grip on power, the better for all of us. But I suspect his being "profoundly disturbed" is also about the removal of his last shield. Once Gates finds out what the Pentagon has done these last few years, Rumsfeld might not be the only one scared to leave the country for the indefinite future. (More from Novak here.)

(Photo: J Scott Applewhite/AP.)