Where the Right Went Wrong


Tonight at 8 pm on CNN, as part of their superb series on broken government, Jeff Greenfield tackles the inflamatory debate on the right, to which my book seems to have provided some gasoline. I'm one of the interviewees, along with fellow heretic Bruce Bartlett. By the way, if you are interested in a book that Hugh Hewitt regards as a mess and as a threat to his version of Christianist Republicanism, you can buy it here or here and make up your own mind.

If the book can prompt the usually level-headed David Brooks to contradict himself in order to criticize it and has sent Hugh Hewitt into conniptions, it might just be on to something about what has gone wrong with American conservativsm.

Later the same night (11 pm Eastern, !0 Central), I'll be on live on Bill Maher's show, HBO's Real Time, on a panel with Harry Belafonte and Christie Todd Whitman. Special guests: Harold Ford Jr and Arianna Huffington. You want fun? I'd watch.