Waterboarding and the Movies


A reader writes:

I urge you to see the Criterion Collection DVD of 1960's Tunes Of Glory in which John Mills, as Lt. Col. Barrow, speaks of his having been waterboarded by his Japanese captors. Plainly, from Barrow's words, it was known to the novelist, and screenwriter of the film, James Kennaway (a young ex-junior officer when he wrote the novel) that waterboarding is torture and that its psychological effect upon the tormented is profoundly painful and permanently harmful.

I shan't spoil for you the plot or other details of the film, whose roles in it were regarded by both Sir Alec Guinness and Sir John Mills as the finest of their cinema careers. It is, I should only say, a haunting story unforgettably told by director Ronald Neame.

That's what Netflix is for, innit?