Two Classics

From the days when older guys felt so comfortable hitting on 16-year-old girls they wrote songs about it. Johnny Burnette:

You're my baby, you're my pet,
We fell in love on the night we met.
You touched my hand, my heart went "pop",
And ooh, when we kissed we could not stop.

You walked out of my dream,
Into my arms,
Now you're my angel divine,
You're sixteen,
You're beautiful and you're mine.

And Sonny Boy Williams' classic blues number:

Good mornin' little school girl
Good mornin' little school girl
Can I go home, can I go home, with you?
Tell your mommy and you poppy
Oh, I once was a school boy, too

Of course, this shows how far we've come in protecting teens from older predators. But obviously we haven't come far enough.