The Vice President For Torture Ctd


Yesterday, Cheney gave every impression that using Khmer Rouge interrogation techniques was a "no-brainer" to him. Any sane person reading that transcript can see what he's saying. But Tony Snow, who is more and more becoming a character from "Animal Farm" every day, now says this:

"Let me give you the no brainers here. No brainer No. 1 is that we don't torture. No brainer No. 2: We don't break the law - our own or international law. No brainer No. 3: the vice president doesn't give away questioning techniques. No. 4, the administration does believe in legal questioning techniques of known killers whose questioning can, in fact, be used to save American lives."

Lies; lies, and more lies. At the heart of this election is whether the American people should support people who have contempt for the most basic of American liberties, who have suspended habeas corpus for the indefinite future and who think it is a "no-brainer", in this respect, to adopt the moral interrogation standards of the Khmer Rouge.

This should not be a partisan issue or even a political issue. It is a civic responsibility. Vote Democrat or abstain.