The Lies Unravel

"As the troops said, they drank the Kool-Aid," - general Jay Garner, describing this administration's utter refusal to grapple with reality in Iraq.

Then there's this:

"I give us a B-minus for policy development and a D-minus for policy execution."

That's Stephen Hadley! In 2005 - when much of the right-wing blogosphere was denouncing most criticism of the war's conduct as the froth of leftist rage. Kissinger's strategy (I wonder what Hitch will make of his arch-nemesis crafting the Iraq "strategy"?) was victory as the only exit strategy. FIne, but that only makes sense of you have some plan for actual victory. When you don't, and you have refused to commit the manpower and resources to succeed, it is a recipe for digging a deeper and deeper grave. Not for Bush: he'll be fine. But for America, the soldiers who defend us, and the constitution that protects us.