The GOP Vs Freedom

"'I am a Republican and have traditionally voted that way,' Tony Schuler, an operations services manager at Microsoft with a Harvard M.B.A., said as he sat with his wife, Deanna, in their home above Lake Sammamish. But Mr. Schuler abhors what he sees as a new Republican habit of meddling in private affairs. 'The Schiavo case. Tapping people without a warrant. Whether or not people are gay,' he said. 'Let people be free! It’s not government's job to interfere with those things.'" - from the New York Times today.

American freedom and Bush-Rove Republicanism are increasingly at odds. Don't let them intimidate you. If you're a conservative who actually values the constitutional freedoms these people are stripping away, vote Democrat or abstain. If today's GOP wins, they will take it as vindication for their authoritarian streak. And the path we have already embarked upon will only get darker.