The End of Multiculturalism?

The British Labour government wants Muslim immigrants to integrate, not separate. It's something of a volte-face. The Telegraph comments here. Some of you have argued that my opposition to public school teachers wearing the full, face-covering veil is contrary to my generally laisser-faire approach to cultural and social issues. But the distinction in the case of a public school teacher is obvious: in representing the state, and doing a job paid for by the government, you are obliged to follow the rules. One of those rules is that teachers should be able to explain fully what they are teaching, which is somewhat hard when everything but a small slit for your eyes is covered. Dress codes in public offices are not an infringement of freedom. We require many public officials to wear uniforms. No one is suggesting making wearing the chador illegal. What many are urging is an attempt to discourage meretricious cultural separatism. I see no problem with that.