The Corruption of Conservatism

A reader writes:

The past 6 years have been like being in a desert on drugs. Reason was an illusion, principles laughable. The Bushies sought to implant democracy elsewhere, while dismantling our constitution. They berated countries for their human rights treatment while we were ourselves abusers. They abandoned science in favor of convenience. They focused on fringe issues that mobilized their base instead of core issues (energy independence, the environment, our entitlement crisis, our crumbling infrastructure, etc.) which are still unresolved and lacking in clarity of purpose. In the end, they sought power rather than statesmanship, and have been corrupted by it. And we, sadly, have been lessened.  I applaud your strength of character and the temerity of your thinking. I long to drink from the trough of small 'c' conservatism without being shamed.

All we can do is keep explaining why this administration represents an attack on conservatism, not its triumph. Then we have to trust Americans to use the powers the founders gave them and check this out-of-control administration by voting Democrat or abstaining this November.