Teens and Sex

It's obviously not a gay thing. My email in-tray often gets invites to porn sites with names like "teenage schoolgirls" or "barely legal". Have you seen the ads for "Girls Gone Wild"? These girls do not look over 18. Pop music has also historically been festooned with references to straight pederasty. A reader notes three:

"Into the night," by Benny Mardones: "She's just 16-years-old, 'leave her alone,' they say ... "

"I saw her standing there", by the Beatles: "She was just 17, you know what I mean, but the way she looked was way beyond compare ..."

"You're 16," by Ringo Starr: "You're 16, you're beautiful, and you're mine ..."

Of course, what this emphasizes is that what was wrong with Foley is not so much the dirty talk as such, but the abuse of his power. And that's why it resonates with some: it reveals just how abusive the Republicans have become with their power in general. The Democrats were just as bad before them. I'm not being partisan here. Readers are invited to send in other popular lyrics celebrating sexual relationships between older men and women under 18.