Stay Home on November 7

The Derb issues a fatwa:

The only thing we can usefully do then is to assert our existence as a voting bloc in the one way that's available to us: by not voting.  That lays down a warning to any future GOP administration that might be tempted to go as badly wrong on important conservative issues as this one has.

This nation survived Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton; it will survive Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel.  Ten, fifteen, twenty years from now, when our kids are voters, some GOP administration and Congress might be tempted to violate core conservative principles as egregiously as this one has.  But they will hear key voices, the voices of party elders and wise commentators, warning: "Remember the Great Congressional Massacre of '06!  Let's not risk  that happening again!"  And Congress and the admin. will then turn the wheel to the right.

Amen, sister.