Seeing and Believing

A reader writes:

Sincere appreciation for your recent article in TIME called "When Not Seeing Is Believing." Andrew, you put to words what my soul has been crying out for a very long time. Christianity is taking a very ugly turn with its hardline fundamentalist bent - it deeply saddens me. I wonder if you have read Donald Miller's "Blue Like Jazz"? It deals with this issue closely - I think you would enjoy it.

And thank you for trying to save true conservatism. What is happening right now in this country is nothing less than an Orwellian nightmare, and to be honest I am in wonder as to why people aren't up in arms about this. The loss of privacy, cessation of heabeus corpus, unprecedented and unchecked powers bestowed on the executive, a federally endorsed policy of torture, it just goes on and on - I have to wonder. Have we come so far from our roots, that freedom and liberty are just words to be bandied about by politicians, void of any real meaning? Our apathy will be the death of our democracy.