Real Moral Values


Here's what i consider a basic moral value. You do not leave your children and grandchildren the debt that you have accrued to buy yourself a few votes. That is what this administration and Congress have done. The debt the next generation had to pay off - the unfunded future liabilities of the federal government - was $20 trillion in 2000. After four years of Bush Republicanism, it is $43 trillion. Bush won't face the consequences. He never has. But he is immorally shunting the costs of his profligacy on the next generation. It is profoundly immoral and dishonest. Which is why values voters among Republicans and Democrats need to demand reform and honest debate about the real fiscal trade-offs we need to confront. The current GOP leadership won't do that. Because they are immoral and corrupt. Which is why change in this election is essential. the longer we wait to deal with this, the more brutal the reckoning.