Quote of the Day


 "Try sipping this single sentence and then rolling it around your tongue and palate for a while:

"If Hitler hadn't turned against their beloved Stalin, liberals would have stuck by him, too."

Well, I am being paid to parse and ponder that statement and I don't understand it, either. Does it intend to say that liberals loved Hitler but drew the line at his invasion of the Soviet Union? Should it, rather, be interpreted as meaning that liberals were in love with Stalin but jumped ship when he was attacked by Hitler? It is remarkable to find so much intellectual and syntactical chaos in an assertion that contains no more than fifteen words...

Shall I be fair? Coulter was trained as a lawyer, and she does have an understanding of the rules of evidence... If it matters, I am with her on the tepid climate of moral and political relativism which, while it wants all children to do equally well at exam time, also regards the United States as no worse than the Taliban and thus, by an unspoken logic, as no better. But a polemic against this mentality cannot really be written by a McCarthyite," - Chistopher Hitchens, on Ann Coulter.