Quote for the Day

"The New Masses politicians knew exactly, at any given moment, what the true line on any event or problem was; and they saw it not only as their duty but as a therapeutic service to cram that line down the throats of believers, half-believers and disbelievers.

The New Masses ideologues, writing with the confidence possible only to those who have ceased to regard their own assumptions as an object of inquiry, were ready to claim the whole province of knowledge for their own, past, present, and future; nor did they hestitate to admit that the claim was made not on the ground of accumulated study but in the name of a general principle," - Irving Howe and Lewis Coser in The American Communist Party: A Critical History. They were writing about the political cultural magazine, "The New Masses".

Now substitute Sean Hannity's radio show or Hugh Hewitt's blog and see if you can tell the difference.