Malkin Award Nominee

"Apparently, these anticipated conservative non-voters are annoyed with Republican imperfection. They are disheartened, disappointed, disillusioned, distempered, and dismal - and thus plan to dis the party that better advances conservative principles in government.

They appear to have fallen victim to the false syllogism: 1) Something must be done; 2) not voting is something; therefore, 3) I will not vote. Of course the fallacy of the syllogism is that the second category could be anything. For example, No. 2 could as well read "eating dog excrement is something."

I rather suspect that they will feel about the same afterward, whether they chose the non-voting option or the scatological one," - Tony Blankley, RCP.

He begs the question: do the Republicans actually better advance conservative principles in government? Given rampant spending, accumulating debt, reckless warfare, unchecked executive power, legalization of torture, and the suspension of habeas corpus, this question is at least debatable. And it's worth more honest discussion than Blankley's condescension suggests.