Lowry and Ford

A reader writes:

Generally, I am not a huge fan of Lowry, but to characterize his brief piece on the TN ad as a "celebration" appears to me that you are picking a fight for the sake of picking one. It appeared to me that he was offering only his opinion as to what the effect of the ad may be. It may be unfortunate that people's opinions, and votes, can be swayed by an idiotic ad. However, merely stating that it is one's opinion that the ad will have that effect is not the cause of the problem.

Re-reading Lowry's post, I think the reader has a point. I over-reacted, and apologize. But the term "scored a direct hit" is a little ambiguous when the ad was so vile. And there is a touch of glee in the phrase: "the controversy helped the ad get more play that it would otherwise, amplifying its effect." I'm pretty sure Rich Lowry backs Corker.