Libertarian Power

Libertarians are the new swing vote, according to a new study from the Cato Institute. Here's the PDF. Money quote:

"Libertarians preferred George W. Bush over Al Gore by 72 percent to 20 percent, but Bush’s margin dropped in 2004 to 59-38 over John Kerry. Congressional voting showed a similar swing from 2002 to 2004," observe David Boaz and David Kirby. In House races, the libertarian vote for Republicans dropped from 73 percent in 2000 to 53 percent in 2004, while the libertarian vote for Democrats increased from 23 to 44 percent. There was a similar swing in Senate races.

"They are a larger share of the electorate than the fabled 'soccer moms' and 'NASCAR dads,'" they write... "Conservatives resist cultural change and personal liberation; liberals resist economic dynamism and globalization. Libertarians embrace both. The political party that comes to terms with than can win the next generation."

I guess I'm not so ronery after all.