Just For the Record


The Hewitt transcript has me describing Catholic Second Council authority as "tripatheid." It is, of  course, tri-partite. But what do they know? But on to more significant disagreements:

To my mind, the core moment of the entire inquisition was the final exchange:

HH: But if God is interested in something other than the sincerity of your search for truth, that would be a problem for the seeker, wouldn't it?

AS: Yes, but since God is truth, how could He possibly object to you trying to seek Him out?

There lies the difference between Christianism and Christianity, between what these fundamentalists preach and what Jesus actually taught. Be not afraid, Jesus told us - always. All some fundamentalists really know is fear. And they mistake fear for faith. To quote Montaigne again:

"Some impose upon the world beliefs they do not hold; others, more in number, impose beliefs upon themselves, not being able to penetrate into what it really is to believe."

Be not afraid.