Jefferson and the Christianists

I asked what today's religious right would think of the great Founding Father's view of faith. The blog, Civil Commotion, fills the picture in. Today's Christianists despise Jefferson, and the religious liberty and conscience he championed. Here's Albert Mohler:

Jefferson’s confidence in his ability to extract a 'real' Jesus from the Gospels is supreme evidence of hubris and arrogance.

And here's what American evangelicalism used to be about:

Sir David Frost: Is this still a Christian Country?

Billy Graham: No! We’re not a Christian Country. We’ve never been a Christian Country. We’re a secular Country, by our constitution. In which Christians live and which many Christians have a voice. But we’re not a Christian Country.

Bill Graham and Thomas Jefferson or Albert Mohler and James Dobson? I know which two I pick as true representatives of Christian faith.