A reader writes:

While I appreciate and agree with your argument against Glenn Reynolds and his vote, you are missing what is the most important point. When Reynolds decries the 'Sexual McCarthyism' of outing on the Democratic side, he is advancing a very misleading point.  One relatively unknown blogger does not the Democrats make. How can you justify voting Republican in Tennessee over what an activist blogger did to an Idaho Senator?  That rationalization boggles the mind.

Agreed. I have yet to hear any actual Democratic official support outing. And I despise the gay "outing" bloggers. Truly. And the feeling is mutual, I can assure you. I've been at war with them since the early 1990s, and experienced their homophobia first-hand. But they do not represent even a sliver of Democrats, let alone the vast majority. To say so is an unfair indirect smear of a entire party.