Thanks for your emails. It seems clear that the teens themselves recorded and saved the IM exchanges between Foley and the pages. Why? There's a variety of possible answers. Because they were a) freaked out; b) wanted a record if anything later emerged that might impugn them; c) wanted to share the grossness among themselves and warn others; or even d) as leverage over a Congressman with influence or power. There's no evidence so far as I can tell of any nefarious or politically motivated third party here (the pages themselves appear to be Republicans). And once the first story hit, Brian Ross was overwhelmed with unsolicited evidence of far-reaching online lechery between a congressman and teen pages. We're in strange territory here, however. It's not pedophilia; we have no evidence of actual sex; the victims are of legal age; the IMs and emails cover a spectrum of creepy to extremely inappropriate lechery. We have legal age teens interacting sexually online with a congressman - even to the point of what seems like ejaculation - and subsequently recording these exchanges for posterity. Who knows how many other such records exist? Or whether this is restricted to only one congressman?