Hillary in '04?


She seriously considered running for prez two years ago, according to a dishy new profile in the current Atlantic. Money quote:

Though she has always downplayed the issue, Clinton apparently flirted with running for the presidency in the 2004 election. According to one insider, in 2003 Mark Penn had created a unit within the polling firm of Penn, Schoen & Berland so clandestine that most of the staff didn’t even know it existed. It operated in a room whose computers had been disconnected from the company’s network. Penn polled to find out whether Clinton could break her pledge to serve a full term in the Senate and still maintain enough political viability to run for president. (Penn wouldn't confirm — or deny — this episode, and said he believed that "at no time was she ever leaning in that direction.") Ultimately, of course, she chose not to. But she must have been tempted. "Some very important people were coming to her on bended knee asking her to run," a close friend of Clinton’s told me. "That was the phrase she used: 'on bended knee.'"

Of course, she meant it in a completely different way than her husband.