Hewitt Unplugged


How can you tell the difference between Hugh Hewitt and the House Republican Conference? Answer: often, you can't. Listen to this:

The enormity of the double standard and the baseless nature of the charges against Hastert specifically and Republicans generally will backfire on Democrats and their soulmates in the MSM, but only if Hastert and others fire back, early, often and with the specificity and anger necessary to underscore exactly what the Democratic Party-MSM partnership is up to, again.

You can start with a contribution to the RNC. That will send a message to the party and to the media that conservatives haven't forgotten episodes such as the dropping the DUI story on Bush the weekend before the 2000 election or the attempt by Dan Rather to use absurd forgeries or the New York Times' hysterical last week charges about missing ammunition in Iraq to affect the 2004 election..  The purposeful conflating by MSM and Democrats of the Foley e-mail and the Foley IMs, combined the relentless attempt to obscure the media's own indifference to the former makes for one more episode in the attempt to make politics and elections about other than the key issues, issues which significantly cut against a Democratic Party committed to appeasement in the war and silliness on a host of other issues.

Yep: Hugh Hewitt's advice in the wake of the Foley affair is to donate to the RNC. You've got to hand it to him: he's got chutzpah.