Hastert Knew

That's where the evidence is obviously pointing. There clearly was a meeting between Kirk Fordham and Hastert's close aide, Scott Palmer, to discuss the Foley predations. There is now more than one piece of testimony backing that up; and the idea that Scott Palmer would never have told Hastert about this potentially explosive issue is preposterous. So Hastert knew he had a serious problem with Foley for a long time - many on the Hill say years - and did nothing about it. When Foley wanted to retire before this election, he was talked out of it by Karl Rove. What did Rove know? Does anyone doubt that a man as politically attuned as Rove had no clue about the liabilities in Foley's past? My view is that Hastert will be forced to step down if the investigation concludes before November 7. So Larry Kudlow has a point. If Hastert wants to minimize the damage, he should quit now, rather than a week before the election.