Google Attacks YouTube

It really was too good to last, wasn't it? Google is clamping down on YouTube. No more Comedy Central; no more South Park. Once youTube was sold for $1.6 billion to Google, you knew the suits were on their way to cripple what made YouTube great. They're morons, of course. Getting your message across on YouTube helps expand your market, reaches new viewers, spreads brands and expands knowledge. Crippling YouTube this way means that their $1.6 billion is about to go up in smoke.

Update: I should have read the piece more closely. A reader points out:

This was not Google's doing. Rather, it appears that in light of Google's purchase of YouTube, Viacom, who views Google as a competitor, decided not to look the other way any more, and demanded that its copyrighted content be removed from YouTube. So, if you are going to blame anyone, blame Viacom.

Well, we already knew that Viacom was evil. Remember what they did to Matt and Trey? All I can say is that Google needs to do a deal with Viacom to keep their purchase of YouTube viable.