Goldwater Republicans ...

... and JFK Democrats? A reader muses:

Like you, I greatly enjoyed the profile of Barry Goldwater done by his granddaughter. You may call yourself a "Goldwater Republican" - I would call myself more of a "JFK Democrat". Funny how that era had more inspiring leaders. It seems to me that while both of them had differing points of view they agreed on many "big" issues when you look back from 40 years down history's road. Sorry to say one died five years before I was born and the other saw his brand of conservatism thrown to the curb and retreated to his beloved Arizona.

It's way too simplistic, but "Southwestern" American Conservatism I understand and appreciate even where I wouldn't neccessarily always agree. It is expansive especially in regards to personal liberty and freedom. But "Southern" American Conservatism, which largely grew out of former Democrats (or as they called themselves "Dixiecrats") seems nearly devoid of all the principles previously held so dear by "conservatives". In my view that split is a great paradox of our time in American history.