Gitmo: What Bush Ordered


In a book by former Canadian prime minister Jean Chretien's closest adviser, president Bush is described as telling Chretien in March 2002:

"If I catch anyone who leaks in my government, I would like to string them up by the thumbs - the same way we do with prisoners in Guantanamo."

Today, we hear that in a sworn statement by a Marine sergeant at the base, beatings of prisoners were routine and bragged about:

The lawyer sent the statement on behalf of a paralegal who said men she met on Sept. 23 at a bar on the base identified themselves to her as guards. The woman, whose name was blacked out, said she spent about an hour talking with them. No one was in uniform, she said.

A 19-year-old sailor referred to only as Bo "told the other guards and me about him beating different detainees being held in the prison," the statement said.

"One such story Bo told involved him taking a detainee by the head and hitting the detainee's head into the cell door. Bo said that his actions were known by others," the statement said. The sailor said he was never punished.

The statement was provided to the AP on Thursday night by Lt. Col. Colby Vokey. He is the Marine Corps' defense coordinator for the western United States and based at Camp Pendleton.

The more we know, the worse it looks. And that's the Bush administration in a nutshell.

(Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty.)