Get Back in the Closet

A reader writes:

Gay men belong in the closet. It is better for gay men, and it is better for the rest of us.

You are as good an example of this as I can find. The sexual behavior of gay men is a threat to the public health, as the AIDS epidemic made clear. I'm not about to pretend that gay men behave sexually as straights do.

The old paradigm of living in the closet and marriage to a fag hag is better for gay men, and it is better for the rest of us, too. Relationship to a woman is the only way to constrain the sexual behavior of men. The sexual behavior of gay men must be constrained.

There is no civil rights issue involved in any of this. You are seriously deceiving yourself. You're just a spoiled child living in a society in which the men have collapsed and can no longer assert their authority.

This will change in the future. No society can continue to survive with gay men living without constraint. And, no society can long endure under the authority of the fag hags. The world of the fags and the fag hags is disgusting. There is something called reality.

I don't think we should throw men in jail for f***ing each other in the ass. But, we certainly shouldn't encourage it either. We should push you and your like back into the closet where you belong. Hope it happens soon.

Ah yes, getting gay men to marry women. That helps. Ask Jim McGreevey - and the countless black women who have gotten AIDS because their gay husbands can't deal honestly with their sexual orientation. As for the personal attack, sure I have HIV. And, sure, I've had my share of sex. I don't begrudge that to anyone, gay or straight. But I'm also an example of someone who was eventually lucky enough or persistent enough to find love and to get engaged. I've never been so happy in my private life. There are times when I think I've become a victim of my own arguments. And I'm glad of it. And if you think you will succeed in taking these opportunities and freedoms away from us, think again. We're going nowhere. We fought for these freedoms, generation by generation, over the ashes of hundreds of thousands of our loved ones. Retreat is not an option.