Email from a Minister

A reader writes:

In your essay, "Why Not Seeing Is Believing," you articulate one of the core values of my new church - that there is a choice beyond secularism and fundamentalism. And, that this kind of faithful life is neither a lowest common denominator nor something to be apologized for - not a kind of sad halfway house, too weak hearted for the Christian Right or too weak minded for the sneering "brites". 

Rather, our faith is the result of a mature religious search that stretches towards the Eternal but is humbly content to admit where our knowledge ends. When we reach for our Bibles, alongside the Apocalypse there are the Beatitudes, and for every legalism espoused in Torah, there is a line of poetry in the Psalms (or Song of Songs) that shatters the myth of codified religiosity. We also know that wisdom overflows the banks of any one tradition and there are many religious waters that give life.

Thank you for giving strength and voice to our tradition.