Dems and Spending

A "Goldwater Democrat" writes:

This is just my personal experience and observations (Generalissimo Kos hasn’t given me any talking points today, and the Kool-Aid seems oddly weak for a Monday), but the idea of Democrats as 'Big Spenders' is quickly becoming myth. I know special interest groups and some of the old guard probably cling to those tendencies, but modern Democrats I know and converse with (myself included) are all about rational, reality-based spending.

Perhaps this is an effect of the Clinton years, where the struggle between President and Congress meant reduced spending and a great boom in prosperity. This Democrat wishes very much to go back to the days of responsible budgets, rising wages and budget surpluses. I would also prefer not living in fear of a new Great Depression sparked by irresponsible deficit spending, foreign borrowing and out-of-control war costs.

I say give Democrats a chance on the spending issue. I really don't believe it can get worse than it is now, but it can certainly get better. Those in power now have proven themselves incapable of restraint.

You can say that again.