Dean Barnett's Crush

Victor Davis Hanson has given Hugh Hewitt's stand-in, Dean Barnett, the vapors. Money quote:

"I would be by his side like a Spartan at Thermopylae."

Just so long as you're not right behind him, Dean. Barnett is even dreaming of sending fawning IMs to conservative students. I thought we needed a constitutional amendment to stamp out that kind of thing.

Seriously, of course, VDH has written some great stuff and, having debated him, I know what Barnett is talking about.  But his defenses of this administration's Iraq war are getting thinner and thinner. We know the rationale; and we know the stakes; and many of us want to win. Instead of repeating why the war matters, why not use his great mind to explain what the Bush administration has gotten wrong and how to put it right? VDH wants to win this war. So why keep backing people who only know how to lose?

[In the first draft of this post, I didn't realize it was Dean Barnett who was writing on Hugh Hewitt's website, not Hewitt himself.]