A UK Terror Plot Foiled

This one actually had actionable weaponry, actual explosive substances, the full shebang:

The 22 chemical components recovered by police are believed to be the largest haul ever found at a house in this country. Cottage is an ex-BNP member who stood as a candidate in the Pendle Council elections in May. Mrs Christiana Buchanan, who appeared for the prosecution in Jackson's case, alleged the pair had 'some kind of masterplan'. She said a search of Jackson's home had uncovered rocket launchers, chemicals, BNP literature and a nuclear biological suit.

This is far more substantial than the alleged Islamist plot to allegedly blow up several airplanes that the Bush and Blair governments hyped this summer. But this plot was by British far-rightists, the UK equivalent of Timothy McVeigh. And that's why you haven't heard of it. It doesn't serve the interests of the two governments to hype it.