A Straw Man Argument?

A reader counters another:

I can't believe a Republican would try to downplay the nominee for the United States Senate for one of the most populated and politically significant states in the Union as if that nominee is not indicative of the state of their party!  Remember, Harris blew out her competition in the primary. The fact that Harris is going to be blown out in the general - and that this and other conservatives won't vote for her - is proof that America is leaving the GOP.  What does our emailer have to say about Santorum - another Christianist (this time an incumbent) who is headed for a huge loss?  Another strawman?

If any Republican still doesn't see that his or her party has been hijacked by the Christianist ultra-right, then that person is simply part of the problem. And that is why plenty of conservatives take you very seriously.  Including the one that bothered to take time out of his or her day to email you and pretend that he/she doesn't take you seriously.