A Blogalogue

David Kuo and I will be discussing each other's books and the ideas within them - our agreements and disagreements - over the next few days, on our respective blogs. He started yesterday. He begins:

Dear Andrew,
Would that I knew where to start this discussion/letter/dialogue.

Truth be told when we talked about this idea of a 'blogalogue' I hadn't read all of your book and therefore didn't understand what a monumental work you had produced. In many ways it is improperly titled. This isn’t just "The Conservative Soul"; it is really "First Things" (with all appropriate respect to the journal of the same name) because the driving narrative of the book seems to me to be understanding God, prioritizing God, and loving God. Everything else flows from that for well or for ill...

His post continues here on his own blog. I will respond later today to the questions he subsequently raises, and to the remarkable book he has written.