"The Conservative Soul" Book Club


The book launches today, and my media whoredom is in full swing. In the acknowledgments, after thanking my agent and editor, I write:

"This book was informed throughout by the readers of my blog, who have written countless emails challenging arguments made here and making others."

Which is true. Without many of you, and countless emails and posts over the years, the book would not have emerged the way it did. So thanks for six years of online argument. I got a book out of it! I also write in the prologue the following words:

"Think of this book as an opening bid in a conversation, rather than the final summation of a doctrine."

For me, it's been an fascinating experience to see how two media can interact - how ideas and arguments that started on a blog can evolve into something more concrete in a book. So, to take the next obvious step, I'm hoping to continue the debate about the boook ... on the blog. I'm resurrecting the Book Club format I experimented with a few years ago - but with my own book this time.

Here's the idea: you buy the book online or from a store, you get three weeks or so to read it along with everyone else, and then I post the sharpest email criticisms of the book and respond to them. It's like an online reading club which ends in a grilling of the author. I've hired an extra pair of eyes to read every single email and make sure I don't miss the best counter-arguments. So the book will continue, I hope, in some way on the blog. As will the arguments.

Buy the book here, and join the book club. Emails about the book can be sent by emailing theconservativesoul@gmail.com. Have at it.