What Bush Has Wrought

The L.A. Times continues an investigation into unconscionable and covered-up torture by the Special Forces in Afghanistan. Money quote:

Within days of the Wazi killing, an 18-year-old Afghan army recruit named Jamal Naseer died after being interrogated at the team's firebase in Gardez, about 25 miles to the north. Multiple witnesses say his body showed signs of severe beating and other abuse. His brother and six others also held at Gardez say they were tortured.

The commander over all Special Forces in Afghanistan at the time, then-Col. James G. "Greg" Champion, said in a brief interview that neither death was reported up the chain of command. Champion, a National Guardsman who has since been promoted to brigadier general, said he did not hear of the deaths until 18 months later, when he learned that The Times was investigating.

Under this president, America has become a nation increasingly known for torturing, murdering and disappearing "terror suspects." Some, of course, can see what is in front of their noses:

"Two unreported deaths in a few days are a clue that something's wrong" with that team, said a military official familiar with the incidents, who asked not to be identified.

In the future, when history is written, just remember: it's not that we weren't told what was going on. It's that we looked the other way.