The Theocons

I read Damon Linker's new book, "Theocons," reviewed today in the NYT by Adrian Wooldridge, a while back in proofs. It's the most comprehensive analysis and take-down of the theocon set around - from an insider who knows them intimately. Linker worked at First Things until quite recently and Theocons_2 saw first-hand the extremism and intolerance at the heart of the theoconservative project - and its remarkably direct reach into the White House. Among the most striking revelations is that then-Cardinal Ratzinger actually urged the American bishops in the 2004 campaign to formally deny communion to Catholic Democratic pro-choice candidates, and was scuppered only by some adroit maneuvring from the American Catholic bishops. From Booklist's review:

Linker's literate, reasonable chronicle and assessment of the theocons, that of an erstwhile colleague who shows no personal animus toward his former associates, is one of the most enlightening critiques of the Religious Right to date.

I agree. Of course, my own is better. But then I would say that, wouldn't I?