The Spending Binge Goes On

The GOP are ramping up government spending by a whopping 9 percent in 2006 - despite pledges by Bush of fiscal responsibility. Well, we know what his word is worth. Now they're up to it again for 2007. Money quote from Heritage:

the Senate is preparing to bust fiscal year (FY) 2007 discretionary spending caps by at least $32 billion to:

1. Reimburse the Pentagon for the $9 billion raided from its budget earlier this year and given to domestic programs, as well as fund additional defense and border security programs ($26.8 billion in total);

2. Fund another massive farm subsidy bailout despite high subsidy levels and a booming farm economy ($4.2 billion); and

3. Reimburse NASA for funds that lawmakers had diverted into parochial pork projects ($1.0 billion).

And in addition, lawmakers have promised $2 billion to $3 billion more for the labor, health, and education programs.

If that doesn't make conservatives stay home or vote Democrat in protest this fall, what will?