The Genius of Dina


For the last two summers, performance-artist/drag-queen/comic genius Dina Martina has been playing in Provincetown. For what it's worth, I've seen a lot of shows in Ptown over the last couple of decades and I've never seen anything as brilliant or as funny as Dina. This summer, my fiance and I saw her show seven times in nine weeks. Like all great comedy - Monty Python and South Park spring to mind - it gets funnier the more you experience it. I write this just to let you know that if you're in New York City from September 22 to October 7, and have tolerance for avant-garde comedy, her new show, "Soft Palate, Fallen Arches" is playing at The Cutting Room, located at 19 West 24th Street. You can buy tickets here. Playwright Craig Lucas said the following about her, and I cannot improve on it:

"Once in a great long while, the planets align and all of nature conspires to come up with the previously unimaginable, the wondrous and newly beautiful, the awe inspiring. And some people are lucky enough to live in a time when such a creative vision appears in their midst. Now is such a time, we are the lucky ones, and Dina Martina is it."