The Curse of South Park

It's getting just a little weird. They ridiculed Saddam, and he was deposed. They depicted Mel Gibson as a deranged sado-masochistic anti-Semite, and ... well, now we know. They took on Tom Cruise, and he went down the Paramount plughole. So this script from 1999 was always a little unnerving:

[Cartman's house. A television is heard. The screen shows an Australian crocodile hunter narrating his adventures as a woman pilots his boat down a river.]

Aussie: As we steer our boat down [the boys are on the sofa looking at TV], looking for these dangerous predators… Boy, there's a king croc right here. [it slips into the water] He must be four meters; 12, 13 feet long at least. [it looks up at him] This croc has enough power in its jaws to rip my head right off.

Kenny: (Oh, no!) [tightens his hood up]

Aussie: I've got to be careful. So, what I'm gonna do is sneak up on it and jam my thumb in its butthole.

Stan: Holy crap. dude!

Aussie: If I get bit out here, I'm 200 kilometers from the nearest hospital: I'd better be real careful jamming my thumb in its butthole. [jumps in and grabs the crocodiile] Oh, boy, it's pissed off now.

Kyle: Go, dude, go! [excited, the boys jump on the sofa]

Aussie: I'm gonna jam my thumb it its butthole now! This should really piss it off! [reaches down with his left thumb to do it. The croc jumps up in pain and drops] Oh, yeah, that pissed it off, all right! [the boys cheer] I've gotta be careful!

Stan: This guy rules!

Kenny: (He actually killed it!)

Cartman: I told you guys.

Aussie: [with left arm now bandaged and in a sling] Well! That was quite an angry croc! But I managed to escape with only a few bruises and a shattered left testicle. Next week we'll look for more of these beautiful creatures, so we can learn more about them by pissing them off immensely.

Enter one immensely pissed-off sting-ray.